Israeli Court Gives Three Years In Prison To Palestinian Minor

By Press TV

A photo by Palestinian media shows 13-year-old Ashraf Adwan.

An Israeli military court has sentenced a Palestinian minor from the occupied east Jerusalem al-Quds to three years in prison over an alleged attempt to carry out a stabbing attack.

The court on Thursday ruled that 13-year-old Ashraf Adwan from Eizariya town should pay 5,000 Israeli shekels ($1461) in fine and compensation, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

Adwan was abducted from outside the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in September last year.

He has been interrogated in harsh circumstances at an Israeli detention center over the past few months. The teenager is also said to have been tortured.

Adwan’s mother expressed her sadness at the ruling on Thursday and said the Israeli authorities had only allowed her to visit him once after his detention.

“I am longing to see Ashraf and I miss his presence at home because he is my youngest child. His father died when he was a seven-month-old baby. During the last period of his detention, I was able to visit him once,” the mother said.

Back in April, the Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission said in a report that nearly 200 Palestinian children were kept behind bars in Israeli prisons in inhumane conditions, undergoing “very rough interrogation process and torture.”

Qadri Abu Baker, the head of the commission, denounced the UN at the time for failing to “provide the minimum protection for the Palestinian children” against physical and psychological abuse in Israeli jails.

Abu Baker said Israeli forces had arrested more than 17,000 minors since 2000, adding that in most cases the children under the age of 10 were detained. He stressed that the majority of the children had been subjected to physical and psychological torture.

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Israeli Soldiers Beat 18-Year-Old Palestinian To Death

By Middle East Eye

The death of a Palestinian teenager early on Sunday morning, allegedly at the hands of Israeli special forces, is sparking outrage and raising questions across the occupied West Bank, as the family of the teen searches for answers.

Amer Snobar, 18, from the Nablus-area village of Yatma, was reported dead early on Sunday morning, with the cause of death allegedly from blunt-force trauma to the neck, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

Abdelrahim Snobar, Amer’s father, told Middle East Eye that he was awoken by a phone call around 1am from Palestinian security officers in the village of Turmus Ayya, about 15km south of Snobar’s home in Yatma, telling him that Israeli soldiers had caught his son and

“We rushed out of the house and went to Turmus Ayya in a frenzy, not knowing what was even going on, or why Israeli soldiers were attacking my son,” Abdelrahim told MEE.

When he arrived at the entrance of Turmus Ayya with some relatives, Abdelrahim said, they were stopped by armed Israeli soldiers, who refused to let them reach his son’s car, just a few hundred meters away.

“They held us up at gunpoint and didn’t let us pass, no matter how hard we pleaded with them,” he said, adding that, as far as he could see, none of the Israeli soldiers were providing medical care to his son.

“After a while, we saw Palestinian ambulances come and load my son into the ambulance,” Abdelrahim said, adding that he was told by the Palestinian medics to follow them to the nearby city of Ramallah.

But by the time the medics arrived at the hospital in Ramallah, Amer was dead.

“The medics told us that when they arrived the soldiers didn’t let them approach my son immediately,” Abdelrahim said. “It’s like they were waiting for him to die, before letting anyone touch him and try to resuscitate him.

“They beat him to death and didn’t let anyone treat him. Why would anyone do that to a young boy, to a child? He’s still a child.”

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Israeli Knesset Rejects Bill To Ensure Full Equality Between All Israeli Citizens


The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, has rejected a bill presented by Yousef Jabareen on behalf of the Arab Joint List intended to ensure full equality for all of Israel’s citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or religious affiliation.

Israeli Jews Oppressing Arabs

Jabareen presented his bill in advance of the 20th anniversary of the Aqsa Intifada, which has became a cornerstone in the collective consciousness of Israel’s Arab citizens, who make up 20 per cent of the population. They suffer from institutional discrimination, exclusion and hostility.

Despite the bill highlighting the need for human rights and democracy to be available to all in the Zionist state, it was rejected by a majority of the ruling coalition and opposition parties.

“What I am proposing to you is first and foremost a peace treaty between the state and its Arab citizens, before addressing what is beyond its borders,” Jabareen told the right-wing MKs who attacked his proposed legislation. “Peace with Arab citizens is realised when the state secures their equal status in their home.”

The text of the bill emphasised that democratic principles should be applied to all citizens in the state: “Israel is a democratic state that guarantees equal rights, based on the principles of human dignity, freedom and equality, in the spirit of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights” while providing that “the state ensures equal and legal protection for all citizens, and fully guarantees national, cultural, linguistic and religious specificity to both Arabs and Jews.” It stressed that Arabic and Hebrew are the official languages of the state, and both have equal status in all posts and workplaces of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities.”

The parliamentarians of “the only democracy in the Middle East” rejected the bill, thus cementing further the apartheid nature of the Zionist state and highlighting the racist nature of its founding ideology.

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UK’s Trade Union Congress Passes Anti-Apartheid Motion Against Israel


Protesters gathered in front of the Israeli Embassy in central London, UK

Britain’s Trade Union Congress (TUC) , has passed a motion identifying Israel as a state practicing apartheid and called for the continued support of the Palestinian people.

The TUC, an organisation made up of UK trade unions, voted on Tuesday at its annual conference in Brighton, in favour of a motion put forward by Unite the Union which opposes the current Israeli government’s plans to annex up to 30 per cent of the West Bank. The motion identifies annexation as “another significant step in the creation of a system of apartheid” and has been welcomed by representatives of Palestinian civil society.

The motion came a week after a statement was released by over 20 charities, trade unions, religious groups, and civil society organisations urgently calling on public bodies to “uphold their ethical and legal responsibilities to ensure human rights and international law are respected” as a direct response to Israel’s illegal annexation plans.

“Congress stands united in its full opposition to the Israeli government’s declared intention to annex great swathes of the West Bank,” said the TUC motion describing the move as “illegal under international law” which “makes clear there is no intent on the part of the Israeli government to end the occupation and recognise the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.”

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Palestinian Girl Weeps As Apartheid Israel Razes Her Home

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Israelis Do Not Support Palestinian Equality

Excerpts from the article by Asa Winstanley

poll of Israeli Jews taken at the end of last year shows that 55 per cent support “unilateral annexation” of all, or the majority, of the West Bank in one form or another.

It is unclear from the think tank’s data how many of the remaining 45 per cent still support another form of this blatant theft of Palestinian land and homes, so long as it is not “unilateral” – i.e. green-lighted by the imperialist power headquartered in Washington DC.


This indicates that the vast majority of Israeli society supports the military occupation and theft of Palestinian land, which annexation represents. Israel’s Jews-only settlements are illegal under international law – in fact, they are a war crime.

The same poll shows that 66 per cent of Israeli Jews agree with the openly racist statement that the Arab countries surrounding Israel are a “jungle” in which Israeli civilisation has been established.

With such a wide degree acceptance of racism and violence against the Indigenous people of Palestine within Israeli society, it is very clear that such disturbing views are not confined merely to the political right within Zionism.

Polling during Israel’s last massive war of destruction against the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip showed that almost all Israeli Jews supported the massacre.

Around 2,200 Palestinians were killed, an overwhelming proportion were civilians. This included 500 children (only 71 Israelis were killed by Palestinian resistance fighters – almost all of them were soldiers).

As many as 97 per cent of Israeli Jews supported this atrocity, according to successive polls during the war (a minimum of 92 per cent).

So, let’s stop deluding ourselves that “Israelis want peace” – it simply isn’t true.

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Free Mahmoud Nawajaa!

By Asa Winstaley

Mahmoud Nawajaa, the General Coordinator of the BDS movement, Mahmoud Nawajaa [Twitter]

A nine-year-old boy shouts: “Leave dad alone. Get out. Your dog doesn’t scare me!”

The boy’s home has just been invaded in the middle of the night by a score of soldiers in full battle-dress, armed to the teeth. Accompanying them is a vicious, trained military hound.

The boy and his younger brother are outwardly defiant.

“Take care of the kids,” their father tells his wife as the soldiers take him away.

He is blindfolded, handcuffed and led away into the night by this cowardly gang of thugs who pass themselves off as soldiers.

This scene is not fiction. It happened in the early hours of Thursday morning, 30 July, in occupied Palestine.

The man, who now languishes inside an Israeli dungeon without charge, is Mahmoud Nawajaa.

Nawajaa is not a “terrorist” or even a member of the legitimate armed resistance. He is the general coordinator of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in Palestine.

The BDS movement which Nawajaa helps to lead is an entirely peaceful, legitimate campaign of resistance against Israel’s illegal occupation and systemic racism.

The 15-year campaign to hold Israel to account with targeted, ethical boycotts, divestments and sanctions has made massive strides. Israel considers it such a threat to its apartheid regime that it dedicates its spy agencies – including Mossad – towards a global campaign of sabotage and dirty tricks to fight it.

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Malaysian Parliament Calls For The Expulsion Of Israel From The United Nations

By Days of Palestine

The Parliament of Malaysia unanimously agreed today on submitting a notice for emergency motion to urge the government to work with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in demanding the expulsion of Israel from the United Nations.

Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (PKR-Ledang) has brought members of Parliament’s attention to Israel’s failure to uphold its pledges as a UN member according to the 1945 Charter of the UN.

Syed Ibrahim said this could be noticed while Israel is planning to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

He said a petition, signed by all members of parliament, could send a clear signal of protest on the annexation plan by Israel over the occupied Palestininan territories in the West Bank, including the strategic Jordan Valley.

Syed has proposed to submit this petition to the United States’ Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, UN and Asean Inter-parliamentary Assembly.

“I would like to propose that MPs sign a petition, through cooperation with the relevant NGOs, to express support and solidarity to the Palestinians in their fight for freedom and peace.”

“MPs should use their domestic, international and regional networks to mobilise assistance for Palestine and protest against the annexation plan,” said Syed Ibrahim, who submitted the notice for the emergency motion on July 14 to seek actions by the Malaysian government on Israeli’s annexation plan.

He also asked the government to acknowledge, support and assist any effort by NGOs in relation to protests against Israel.

He said the world has witnessed a lot of human rights violations committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinian civilians.

“In the West Bank particularly, Israel’s colonisation of the Palestinian lands began dyring 1967 Middle Eastern War. For over half a century, Palestinians have suffered from persecution by the Israeli regime.”

“Women and children are considered constant targets for Israel’s atrocity and were killed in the most brutal manners. The inhumane acts by Israel must not be excused by civilised nations including Malaysia who seek peace and justice.”

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Prime Minister of Malaysia, called upon the international community during the 36th Asean Summit, to condemn Israel’s annexation plan.

He said that the international community must also ensure that such a plan should never be executed.

He expressed how Malaysia was deeply concerned over Palestinians’ fate amid the continued volatility in the Middle East.

The Israeli annexation plan was scheduled at first on July 1, but Israeli officials announced that the process would take place later this month in coordination with their American counterparts.

About 1,080 European MPs from 25 countries urged their leaders to take a step towards putting an end to this plan, according to AFP.

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The Knee-On-Neck, Long A Staple Of Israel’s Occupation Of Palestine

By Ian Greenhalgh

Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation have long dealt with the kind of brutality being enacted by some US police officers against African-Americans.

Jews crushing Palestinians while crying wolf over their fake Holocaust and fabricated Anti-Semitism

A now infamous image of a white police officer kneeling on the neck of an African-American man, who would later die, has caused global outrage and violent unrest across the US.

Caught on video, George Floyd’s death was seemingly the straw that broke the camel’s back in that it came after several other high profile killings of several other African-Americans either by police or suspects who did not face immediate legal consequences.

For one community, the disproportionate violence faced by black people at the hands of US police forces has special resonance as it reflects their own experiences with the authorities.

For Palestinians living under military occupation in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, the worst excesses of the kind seen in the US recently, are a near everyday occurrence.

In the aftermath of Floyd’s killing, Palestinians were quick to draw parallels between the final images of the man suffering under the knee of the officer, and similar choke holds used by Israel occupation forces.

“Crazy how the same thing happens in Palestine but the world chooses to ignore it,” Palestinian athlete Mohammad Alqadi wrote on his Twitter above four separate images of Israeli soldiers pinning Palestinians to the ground with their knees on their necks or head.

Killings of Palestinians by Israeli forces are also a regular occurrence: in 2019, 135 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces with 108 in Gaza and another 27 in the West Bank, according to the UN.

The similarities do not end there, as some activists have drawn parallels between the way US police have handled protests against police brutality in the aftermath of Floyd’s death and the way Israel has dealt with protests in Gaza.

Such comparisons come with caveats, as US police officers despite the controversy over their tactics have yet to kill anywhere near the numbers Israel killed in the Gaza right of return protests in 2018, for example. Nevertheless, some of the tactics used are the same, according to pro-Palestinian groups.

On Twitter, the BDS and Palestinian Solidarity working group within the Democratic Socialists of America wrote:  “The police violence happening tonight in Minneapolis is straight out of the IDF playbook. How many times have we seen uprisings in Gaza met w/ a storm of tear gas? How many times are Palestinians in the West Bank doused w/ skunk water during a protest? US cops train in Israel.”

Police training in Israel

Like Israeli Terrorists, Like American Oppressors

Amnesty International has warned that hundreds of police departments have been training in Israel alongside military officers, who “have racked up documented human rights violations for years.”

The rights group notes that one of the departments involved in the training, the Baltimore Police Department, had been cited by the US Department of Justice for “widespread constitutional violations, discriminatory enforcement, and culture of retaliation.”

Both Amnesty and the US State Department have cited incidences of Israeli security officials engaging in brutality against Palestinians.

The rights group said: “Baltimore and other police departments should find partners that will train on de-escalation techniques, how to handle mentally challenged or ill citizens, on the constitutional rights of citizens concerning filming and how to appropriately respond to those using non-violent protest to express their opinions. Israel is not such a partner.”

Palestinian activist Huda Ammori of the Apartheid off Campus group told TRT World that such links between “militarized” US police forces and the Israeli security establishment emphasized the need for unity between African-Americans and Palestinians.

“We’re seeing the oppressors united with their training, their same techniques. Between the Black Lives Matter community and the Palestinian community, and other communities across the world, we need to unite to fight against these systems.” Ammori said.

“It’s the same systems of oppression that are affecting all of these communities…we must fight back together.”


CUFPa Note: Apartheid Israel is a cancer on America, Palestine, and the world. A cancer that needs to be excised.

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Israel Pharmaceutical Firms Test Medicines On Palestinian Prisoners


Israeli Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian revealed yesterday that the Israeli occupation authorities issues permits to large pharmaceutical firms to carry out tests on Palestinian and Arab prisoners, reported.

The Times of Israel also reported that in a recording from the event the Hebrew University lecturer also revealed that the Israeli military firms are testing weapons on Palestinian children and carry out these tests in the Palestinian neighbourhoods of occupied Jerusalem.

Speaking in Columbia University in New York City, Shalhoub-Kevorkian said that she collected the data while carrying out a research project for the Hebrew University.

“Palestinian spaces are laboratories,” she said. “The invention of products and services of state-sponsored security corporations are fueled by long-term curfews and Palestinian oppression by the Israeli army.”

Lives of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails – Cartoon [Alarabya]

In her talk, entitled “Disturbing Spaces – Violent Technologies in Palestinian Jerusalem”, the professor added: “They check for which bombs to use, gas bombs or stink bombs. Whether to put plastic sacks or cloth sacks. To beat us with their rifles or to kick us with boots.”

Last week, Israeli authorities refused to hand over the body of Fares Baroud, who passed away inside Israeli prisons after suffering from a number of diseases. His family fear that he could have been used for such tests and Israel is afraid this could be revealed through forensic investigations.

In July 1997, Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported remarks for Dalia Itzik, chairman of a parliamentary committee, acknowledged that the Israeli Ministry of Health had given pharmaceutical firms permits to test their new drugs on inmates, noting that 5,000 tests had already been carried out.

Robrecht Vanderbeeken, the cultural secretary of Belgium’s ACOD trade union, warned in August 2018 the population of the Gaza Strip is being “starved to death, poisoned, and children are kidnapped and murdered for their organs.”

This follows previous warnings from Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour who said the bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces “were returned with missing corneas and other organs, further confirming past reports about organ harvesting by the occupying power.”

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