Palestinian Child’s Eye Blinded By Israeli Rubber Bullet In Al-Khalil (Hebron)

By Al Manar

A 13-year-old Palestinian child lost his right eye today after he was shot at by Israeli occupation forces in the neighborhood of Bab al-Zawiya, in the southern West Bank city of Al-Khalil (Hebron), according to medical sources.

Izz el-Din Nedal al-Batsh lost his eye after Israeli occupation soldiers fired a rubber-coated round directly at him. The child’s father said his son was standing inside a commercial store in the neighborhood when the bullet hit his eye.

Clashes were taking place between the Israeli occupation forces and Palestinian teenagers near the area where the child was shot by the soldiers.

In November 2019, Palestinian videographer Muath Amarneh was blinded in one eye after being shot by an Israeli sniper while covering protests in Al-Khalil (Hebron).

“The the wicked are always cruel.” – Proverbs 12:10

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As Israel Plans To Steal The Homes Of 550 Palestinians From East Jerusalem, Biden Admin Remains Silent

Excerpts from the article by By Robert Inlakesh

Igniting tensions in East Jerusalem, Israeli settler organizations are seeking to uproot up to 550 Palestinians from the city, to the complete silence of a Biden administration that claims to seek a two-State solution.

In what could become one of the largest expulsions of Palestinians from East Jerusalem, Israeli settler organizations are working with the country’s legal system to evict 24 families from their homes in Sheik Jarrah.

FILE PHOTO. Peace demonstrators raise signs during a protest near the house of a Palestinian family, which an Israeli court had ordered to be evicted while declaring Israeli settlers to be the legal owners, in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. © AFP / THOMAS COEX

Along with Sheikh Jarrah, Israeli Settler organizations are also heavily targeting the area of Silwan, from which at least 36 families have been expelled since the beginning of 2020, according to Israeli NGO Peace Now. In East Jerusalem as many as 200,000 Israeli settlers live, with about 2,500 hardline settlers residing in properties surrounding Palestinians in areas like Silwan.

Last year almost 1,000 Palestinians were made homeless due to Israeli house demolitions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, with over 10,000 settler units having been approved.

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CUFPa Note: Settlers = Land Thieves

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.” – Jesus (John 10:10)

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Israeli Jews Keep Demolishing Palestinian Homes


Israeli occupation bulldozers yesterday demolished the house of chief guard of Al-Aqsa Mosque Fadi Aliyan in the village of Al-Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem, news agencies reported.

The Aliyan family said that the Israeli occupation had notified them of its intention to demolish their home at the end of February.

The family said that it had lost a legal battle to stop the demolition, adding that an Israeli court refused their lawyer’s petition one week ago.

According to the family, the house was built about ten years ago. The Israeli occupation authorities imposed high fines on the family before issuing a demolition order against it under the pretext that it was an “unlicensed construction”.

The two-story house, which is made up of four apartments, accommodates 17 people – most of them women and children.

A restrictive planning regime applied by Israeli authorities makes it almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain building permits in occupied East Jerusalem, impeding the development of adequate housing, infrastructure and livelihoods.

CUFPa Note: The hearts of Zionist Jews in Apartheid Israhell are darker than the soot in hell.

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Jewish Soldiers Torture & Rape Palestinian Boy

By Tamara Nassar

An Israeli interrogator raped a Palestinian child detainee in prison, he told Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP).

The 15-year-old boy, whose identity is known to DCIP but withheld for privacy reasons, gave his testimony to the human rights group.

Israel had placed the boy under house arrest in November 2020.

Israeli occupation forces then took him from his home in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiyeh in the middle of the night on 13 January. He was supposed to appear in court on that day.

The experience of a night arrest alone is particularly traumatic for children and their families.

Israeli forces then took the child to the compound interrogation and torture facility in Jerusalem, where he was handcuffed and blindfolded in a hallway and attacked by passersby.

“Every two to three minutes, someone would come by and slap, push, punch or kick me,” the boy told DCIP.

He said he was then taken to a room where he was interrogated by a man who identified himself as Captain Kamel.

“He kicked me and punched me while shouting and saying I should tell him what I did,” the boy recalled. He was accused of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

“Whenever I told him I did not do anything, he would beat me harder. He threatened to shock me with electricity, but I told him I did not do anything.”

The boy said that the same individual “knocked him to the floor while blindfolded and raped him with an object,” according to DCIP. The individual threatened to continue with the sexual violence until the boy confessed.

The boy said the individual then pressed him against the wall and inflicted intense pain on his genitals.

“There are no words to describe that moment,” the child told DCIP.

CUFPa Note: Apartheid Israel is a country born out of the depths of hell.

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MPs Call On UK Gov’t To Pressure Israel To Stop Evictions


A group of UK lawmakers on Tuesday appealed to the British government to increase pressure on Israel to stop its forced evictions of Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem, Anadolu Agency reported.

Over 80 MPs from different parties, from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, asked the UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in a letter to “make clear to its Israeli counterpart that relations cannot continue as normal in the event of such transgressions”.

“As you are well aware, the forcible transfer of an occupied population is a grave violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, as is the transfer of an occupier’s population into occupied territory, which includes East Jerusalem,” the letter read.

Israeli terrorists terrorizing Palestinians while stealing their homes

“All measures should be considered including reducing diplomatic engagement and banning trade in settlement products in full conformity with international law obligations in order to challenge the settler economy that profits from the occupation,” it added.

Adding that Israel’s settlements are illegal, MPs said: “Such a step is not a sanction but a measure designed to ensure that the UK does everything in its power to ensure it does not assist in such serious breaches of international law.”​​​​​​​

Palestinian territories, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem, have been under Israeli occupation since 1967. The occupation is considered illegal under international law.

CUFPa Note: Apartheid Israel is a country born out of the depths of hell.

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ICC Ruling On Palestine: “A Victory for Rights, Justice, Freedom And Moral Values In The World”: Palestinian Minister

Excerpts from the article by Steven Sahiounie

The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday declared the court has jurisdiction over war crimes committed in the Palestinian territories.  “The Court’s territorial jurisdiction in the Situation in Palestine … extends to the territories occupied by Israel since 1967, namely Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,” the ICC Judges said.

“Today, Pre-Trial Chamber I of ICC decided, by the majority, that the Court’s territorial jurisdiction in the Situation in Palestine, a State party to the ICC Rome Statute, extends to the territories occupied by Israel since 1967,” ICC said in a statement.

The ICC announcement clears its chief prosecutor to investigate alleged atrocities despite fierce Israeli objections.

The mandate of the ICC is to prosecute people, not countries, including those from states that are not signatories, as long as one party has signed the international treaty, which Palestine did in 2015, while Israel has not signed. Palestine used its UN observer state status, gained in 2012, to join the ICC.

Palestine’s status as an occupied territory rather than a sovereign country had prompted Fatou Bensouda, the ICC chief prosecutor, to wait for confirmation from the judges of the court, headquartered in The Hague, if the ICC had the authority. Bensouda now intends to open a formal inquiry into alleged war crimes in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

The case could include the alleged killings by Israeli soldiers of more than 200 Palestinians, including more than 40 children, at demonstrations along the Gaza frontier in 2018.

War crimes, and ethnic cleansing, may have occurred when Israeli authorities moved Israeli civilians into the West Bank to live in settlements, which were against international law. The majority of those Israeli settlers are American born US citizens. The Geneva Convention prohibits the transfer of civilians into occupied land.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said the decision carried the message that crimes committed would not be dropped and that perpetrators would not go unpunished.

Hussein al-Sheikh, the Palestinian Authority’s civil affairs minister, said on Twitter that the ruling was “a victory for rights, justice, freedom and moral values in the world”.

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CUFPa Note: Apartheid Israel is a disgrace to humanity – pray for its downfall.

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Jewish Land Thieves On A Rampage: Attacking and Killing With Impunity

What you see below is just a fraction of what’s happening daily in Occupied Palestine.

Land thieving Jews are not only making the lives of Palestinians miserable, they are literally destroying their present and future and suffocating the very hope out of them.

CUFPa Note: There will never be peace as long as Apartheid Israel exists.

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Israeli Forces Destroy Nature Reserve, Uproot 10,000 Trees In Jordan Valley


The Israeli army on Wednesday destroyed a natural reserve and uprooted at least 10,000 trees in a military campaign in the northern West Bank in a move that Palestinians termed a “crime”.

Moataz Bisharat, who is responsible for monitoring Israeli settlement activity in the Jordan Valley, told Anadolu Agency that the occupation army pushed military vehicles and dozens of soldiers into the Ainun area in Tubas city in the morning and destroyed a nature reserve built on an area of about 400 dunums (98 acres).

Palestinian man shows trees after they were destroyed by Israeli forces in Tubas, West Bank, January 27, 2021. [Nedal Eshtayah – Anadolu Agency]

The occupation army “chopped down and destroyed about 10,000 forest trees and about 300 olive trees,” he said.

Trees were planted in the nature reserve eight years ago as part of the Greening Palestine project supervised by the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture and funded by the Venezuelan consulate in Palestine.

Bisharat stressed that the occupation alleged that the destruction of the reserve came as it was classed as a military zone even though it was not more than 300 meters away from residential areas and it served as an “outlet” for residents.

In a statement, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission said Israel “has formed a special unit whose mission is to wage war on the Jordan Valley.”

“A security apparatus has been formed to oversee construction and agriculture in Area C and it has undertaken to wipe out the Palestinian presence,” the statement read.

The commission described the incident as “a crime and a campaign of eliminating trees, buildings, livestock and sources of income.”

What is happening, it added, is “part of a war waged by a terrorist state [Israel] that is burning green areas.”

The Palestinian commission called for “international protection for the Palestinian presence in Area C,” calling on the international community to stop discrimination in dealing with the crimes of the Israeli occupation.


CUFPa Note: Leave it to the demon-possessed Zionist Jews in Apartheid Israel to destroy not only Palestinian lives but the environment as well. What a cursed people!

“Cursed is one who kills his neighbor…Let all the people reply, ‘Amen!’” Deuteronomy 27:24

“You shall not destroy the trees of the land…” – Deuteronomy 20:19

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Jewish Land Thieves Leave Palestinian Children Bloody And Bruised In Latest Attack

By Akram Al-Waara in Bethlehem, occupied Palestine

A six-year-old Palestinian boy and his three-year-old brother were wounded on Thursday night after a group of masked Israelis attacked their family’s car outside the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

Majd, six, sustained injuries to his face after being hit with a rock, while Jad was cut by broken glass. Their father, Alaa Sawfta, remained relatively unharmed, while their mother’s arm was hurt by another rock thrown at the vehicle.

The family had just left their home in Ramallah and were on their way to visit relatives in the northern West Bank city of Tubas. It was a drive that Sawafta, his wife and children did at the end of every week, and at first everything seemed normal.

“It was around 8.10pm, so it wasn’t late at all,” Sawafta told Middle East Eye. “We were on the highway when two figures on the side of the road started motioning their flashlights at us.”

At first, Sawafta assumed the two people were Israeli police telling him to pull over.

“I couldn’t make out what they looked like because it was dark and there are very few street lights on the road, but who else uses flashlights like that other than police officers?” he asked. “So I started to slow down and pull over.”

That, Sawafta told MEE, was a decision he will regret forever.

“Just two seconds after I came to a stop, dozens of people came out of nowhere from the sides of the road and started attacking the car,” he said.

When he saw their clothes and that some of them were masked, carrying knives, bats, large sticks, and huge rocks, Sawafta realised his family was under attack from a group of Israeli settlers.

“They started throwing large rocks at the car and beating it with sticks and bats and other objects,” Sawafta said. “It was a total pandemonium, the windows were completely shattered, my wife and kids were screaming and crying… the settlers were trying to pull us out of the car and kill us.”

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CUFPa Note: Settlers = Land Thieves

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Report: In 2020, Israel Detained 4636 Palestinians, Including 543 Minors, 128 Women

By Palestine Chronicle

Racist Jews arresting women for being Palestinians seeking freedom

In 2020, Israel detained 4636 Palestinians, including 543 minors under the age of 18, and 128 women, while it issued 1114 administrative detention orders, according to four Palestinian prisoners’ advocacy groups.

The Detainees and Ex-Detainees Commission, the Palestinian Prisoner Society, Addameer for Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights, and Wadi Hilweh Information Center, said in their joint report on the situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails by the end of 2020 that the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israel is about 4400, including 40 women, 170 minors, and 26 held since before the signing of the Oslo accords in 1993.

They said 380 Palestinians are still held in administrative detention, while four prisoners have died of illness this year while incarcerated.

A total of 543 prisoners are serving various life terms, including five who were sentenced to life in prison in 2020, and one prisoner, Abdullah Barghouti, serving 67 life terms.

The report said some 700 prisoners are considered ill, among them 300 who are chronically ill and 10 of them, including 81-year-old Fouad Shoubaki, the oldest prisoner, have cancer and are in need of special medical treatment.

Israel is also keeping the bodies of eight prisoners who died while in prison and refuses to release them to their families for burial, but instead keeps them to use them as a bargaining chip in future deals with the Palestinians.

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