Israeli Soldiers Beat 18-Year-Old Palestinian To Death

By Middle East Eye

The death of a Palestinian teenager early on Sunday morning, allegedly at the hands of Israeli special forces, is sparking outrage and raising questions across the occupied West Bank, as the family of the teen searches for answers.

Amer Snobar, 18, from the Nablus-area village of Yatma, was reported dead early on Sunday morning, with the cause of death allegedly from blunt-force trauma to the neck, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

Abdelrahim Snobar, Amer’s father, told Middle East Eye that he was awoken by a phone call around 1am from Palestinian security officers in the village of Turmus Ayya, about 15km south of Snobar’s home in Yatma, telling him that Israeli soldiers had caught his son and

“We rushed out of the house and went to Turmus Ayya in a frenzy, not knowing what was even going on, or why Israeli soldiers were attacking my son,” Abdelrahim told MEE.

When he arrived at the entrance of Turmus Ayya with some relatives, Abdelrahim said, they were stopped by armed Israeli soldiers, who refused to let them reach his son’s car, just a few hundred meters away.

“They held us up at gunpoint and didn’t let us pass, no matter how hard we pleaded with them,” he said, adding that, as far as he could see, none of the Israeli soldiers were providing medical care to his son.

“After a while, we saw Palestinian ambulances come and load my son into the ambulance,” Abdelrahim said, adding that he was told by the Palestinian medics to follow them to the nearby city of Ramallah.

But by the time the medics arrived at the hospital in Ramallah, Amer was dead.

“The medics told us that when they arrived the soldiers didn’t let them approach my son immediately,” Abdelrahim said. “It’s like they were waiting for him to die, before letting anyone touch him and try to resuscitate him.

“They beat him to death and didn’t let anyone treat him. Why would anyone do that to a young boy, to a child? He’s still a child.”

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