Warning To Israel


Hitler's Jewish SoldiersTo all Israeli Jews we say, denounce and renounce your Zionist leaders, for just as they sold you out to Hitler and his 150,000 Jewish soldiers, they will sell you out once more to be butchered.

First, do not think for a minute that your rulers have your best interest at heart – no government in the world has the best interest of their people at heart. Otherwise why have they led you into a country under false pretense and brainwashed you to hate all your Muslim neighbors, when you are surrounded on all sides by these very neighbors? Where will you run to when all hell breaks loose? Into the sea? Isn’t that what they’ve been telling you over and over, that “they” want to run the Jews into the sea?

With that meme they’re getting you accustomed to that very idea for when it actually happens. The sea is the only place where they have not created enemies for you, and they would if they could. They want to watch you flail and drown, while they fly away in their private jets to Switzerland after they have stolen all your money and transferred it to some tax haven, only to reinvent themselves somewhere else. Ask George Soros how he did it during World War 2.

Second, your corrupt officals have made a total mess of the country: Ashkenazim and European Jews discriminate against Sephardic and African Jews, as they control most everything in the country;  Russian Jews, who are mostly pretend Jews, escaped the Soviet Union, courtesy of the US, and now constitute a fifth column; Orthodox Jews hate all the non-religious Jews and vice versa; Israeli Arabs are kept as third-class citizens, with Sephardic and North African Jews as second class, and Black African Jews as no class; most Israeli Jews hate the Palestinians, either in the occupied territories or within Israel itself, and would love to excise them from the land, while the Palestinians, under the weight of 70 years of ruthless occupation, would love to see you finally leave, so they could become free from your Apartheid.

Third, your governing authorities always turn intransigent when America and the world try to coax them into making peace: Have they forgotten the stain that the Crusades left on Christianity? Do they not remember how those Crusades ended? Have they no knowledge of history to understand how empire after empire lost Palestine? Do they even ask themselves what their own Crusade will leave behind this time? Have they not witnessed what happened to Apartheid South Africa? And most importantly, why do they not make a just and lasting peace with all of their neighbors, even if they lose considerable land? Isn’t peace better?

Together with imperial America, your Zionist leaders have ignited the suffering of millions of innocents, Christians and Muslims, who are presently living in torment, not only in Palestine but throughout the Middle East, while you sit there, do nothing, and even applaud.

Unfortunately, this has been orchestrated in order to create a cauldron they hope to pour on all the inhabitants of the area, you Israelis included.

In conclusion, when all hell breaks loose and fire starts raining on your heads, you’ll have only yourselves to blame. Because you colluded with your leaders.

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it and whoever rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.” Proverbs 26:27

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