Apartheid IsraHELL Mutilates Palestinian In Front Of The Whole World


The EVIL of Apartheid Israel is unrivaled in our civilized world.

The video below, which shows the mangling and killing of Mohammad Al-Naem, attests to the heartlessness of its people.



Watching the above video with its unprecedented brutality is heart-wrenching to say the least, especially to his family.

“As he was leaving yesterday he was holding his son, smiling at me and waving at the door, saying he will come tomorrow to pick us up. Who is going to raise his son now? I felt every blow on my son’s body. They were in my heart, I felt the pain as if I was him. I will never forget how Israel killed my son,” his traumatized mother said.


Appeal from CUFPa: Every conscientious individual should implement a personal boycott of Israel and everything made there.

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